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Our ^Angels^
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May The Loving Arms Of Our Blessed Mother Hold Our Children, And Guide Us Through Today
Our Angels Page Begin
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My Homestead Page for ^Kevin & Kurt^
When We Lose Our Parents We Lose Our Past.
When We Lose Our Spouse Or Sibling We Lose Our Present.
When We Lose Our Child We Lose Our Future.
These Pages Are Dedicated To
^Our Angels In Heaven^
Please Come In And Visit All Of Our ^Angels^. When You Click On SOME OF The Angels Pictures (or Tags Created For Our Angels By ((((Candy))))You Will Be Taken To An Angels Site... You Will Be Visiting Pages That Were Created By Our Children's Moms And Dads In Memory Of Their Children ^Their Angels^...
Our Angels Are  Of All Ages
You DO NOT Need To Have A Web Site
You Can Send Your Angels Dates To Us And We Will Include Your ^Angel^ On These Pages.THEIR IS NO CHARGE To Put Your Angels On Any Of These Pages.
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
Support the fight against AIDS
Support the fight against AIDS
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Support the fight against Breast Cancer
Fathers Feel The Pain And Loss Also, May Our Fathers Find Some Peace Here
Our Angels Saint Patricks Day Page
My Valentine Poem To My Sons ^Kevin & Kurt^
Thank You (((Kaye)))
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When We Lose Our Parents,
We Are Orphans,
When We Lose Our Spouse We Are Widows OR Widowers,
But There Is No Word For A Parent
Who Has Lost Their Child.
There Has Never been A Word In Any
Language To Describe The Agony
Of  Losing Our Children.
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