Hello friends,
Today something really special happened; yes, it made me cry and after reading it, I am sure all of you will be in tears as well.  But I had to share it.  It's taken me all day to be able to even put this together.

Let me start by saying this woman who wrote these words lives in my neighborhood and has since I moved in.  We do not see each other as often as we would like, as our lives are always busy.  She knew the devastated person I was in the beginning when the boys passed away.  She never elaborated or became anything except the wonderful person who always allowed me to talk.  See, she too knows the pain of loss.  She was not able to carry children, so her loss was, in my opinion, twofold.  Yet, not once did she ever avoid me or my tears.  She always just allowed me the space to feel my sorrow and hugged me and we always share this pain.

Today in my email I got this note from her:  not sure if you consider it a poem or story, but no matter how you slice it, it screamed volumes of compassion, caring and love.  So below you will see her words, and I pray you know the depth this has taken me to.  God Bless you all for reading it, and her for being my friend, through all of my pain.

Love N Hugs Pat

Kevin And Kurt

They left behind their Mother
with a broken heart and a lot of hurt.

In her life there is now a hole;
the years without them has taken its toll.

Their eyes no longer to see,
their voices no longer to hear,
This she knows every time she cries for them and drops a tear.

From babies to men she
watched them grow,
and now as their Mother,
their loss is all she knows.

Her life without them is only so-so,
Just waiting for the day
when it will be her time to go.

Together again you three will be,
God said trust in me
and your boys again you will see.

Together again with Kevin and Kurt,
In her heart no longer to find
that word hurt.

To Pat, Kevin & Kurt,
Together again In heaven you will be.

Love to you, Rebecca Vassau
(September 15, 2007).
Thank You my Dear Friend
For finding these words in your heart for me & my angels ^Kevin and Kurt^
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My Dear Friends,
I want to say Thank You for visiting these pages. They contain many things,But most of all things others have sent  or given to my family or me in honor of My Boys.
I am forever blest to know so many who truely understand our loss and help in our healing process.
I pray these pages help not only those who read them, But also the people who they share them with.
So I ask you Please share my pages with those you feel could benefit from my knowledge and healing.
The Pain is one thing, But it is my wish to help others.
These pages are designed to help in that process.
Love N Hugs,
Pat McDougle & Family
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