My Memorial Tribute To My Son's Kevin And Kurt. I Hope To Share Our Story With You And In Doing So I Hope You Meet My Two Wonderful Sons Who I Miss So Very Much.
On These Pages I Will Also Be Sharing Some Of The Songs I Either Dedicate To My Sons Memory Or Songs I Shared With My Boys Through The Years...
As Well As A Few Poems I Have Written In Memory Of Kevin And Kurt.
Please If You Like My Poems And Wish To Use Any Email Me First Because All My Poetry Is Copyrighted.Thank You Once Again And I Hope My Site Is Easy For You To Navigate Through, If You Find A Link Not Working Please Email Me And I Will get It Fixed.
~Life Without You~
In Loving Memory Of
Kevin J. Connelly
Kurt A. Miller
I lived life with you for a short time,
Now I must learn to live without you.
Your smiles,Your bound of energy,
Your trials and tribulations,
Your feelings,sensitive and caring.
Now all I have are the memories.
I watched as you learned to
eat,walk and run.
And I watched you both become young men.
I sit here looking at pictures of you both,
And I cry as I wonder what could have been.
I think of all the things I will miss,
Your weddings,Births of Grandchildren,anniversaries.
I missed watching you both become the men all
women ask to have in their lives.
Yet,as I sit here looking at your pictures
I also know the TRUE meaning of LOVE.
For if not for the two of you I would never have known UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
You Both taught me that in your few years.
You looked to me to teach you things in life,
But it was I who learned to Love through you!
Now it is I who learned to live
without you in my life.
It is I who must learn to live without you NOW.
And with Gods help,I know finally,I will Learn To Share What YOU Both Taught Me...
My Memorial Site To My Sons will always be a work in progress ... Hopefully by sharing it will help others who must walk this path...Gods Blessing To You ALL.
In Memory Of Kurt And Kevin~Our Angels In Heaven
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