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Mother's Day Love
Sent From Above
Thank You ((((Judy))))

"Mother's Day"

Another Mother's Day !
But A Different One This Year
For You See, I Am A Mother,
But My Child Isn't Here.

I Am A Mother Who Is Hurting
For  This Child Who Was So Dear,
As I Face This, And Other Occasions,
Each And Every Year.

I Am A Mother Who Feels An Emptyness
Over And Over Again,
Because I Miss THIS Child And All That Could Have Been.

I Am A Mother Who Cared As I Watched
My Child Grow,
And Truely Loved My Child
More Then Anyone Will Ever Know.

I Am A Mother Who Has Memories
And Many Tears To Cry
Over Regrets I'll Have To Live With Until The Day I Die.

I Am A Mother Who Is Thankful
For The Miracle Of Birth,
And All My Child Has Taught Me
About My Own Self Worth.

I Just Can't Stop Being A Mother
Just Because My Child Isn't Here,
Because The Love We Had For Each Other Will Continue For Years And Years.

And So...
On This Special
"Mother's Day",
I Will Feel Within My Heart
All The Pride, Love And Joy Which Are
The Parts
That Make Me Who I Am,
And That I'll Always Be -
I Am Still A MOTHER,
Just Remember That Please.

Written By
~Judy A. Sittner~
Thank You (((((Francine)))))
Please Click On This Rose (above) To Go To A BEAUTIFUL Page That  FRANCINE PUCILLO Created For MOTHERS DAY For US Who Have Lost Our Child/Children.An Answer To "Dear Mr. Hallmark" Thank You (((Francine))). 
"A Prayer "

Blessed Mary up above give our children
All your love.
Hold them tight against your breast,
Let them lie their heads to rest.
No more pain, Nor endless suffering,
Only tenderness and cuddling.
And Please Dear Mother  Hear Our Plea
When We Die Give Them
"Back To Me"!

From All Mothers Who Have Angels In Heaven 
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The Name Of This Song It
"There You'll Be" By
Faith Hill
This page was Lovingly Updated For Our Angels In Heaven's Mom's: July 3, 2009
Dear Mr. Hallmark ,
     We are writing you from Heaven,
And though it must appear a rather strange idea,
But we see everything from here.
We just popped into all your stores to find a card,
A card of love for our Moms,  for this day for them is hard.
There must be some mistake we thought,
every card you could imagine.
Except We could not find a card from a child who lives in Heaven.
They are still our Mother's To, No matter where We reside.
We had to leave, they understand,
But OH the tears they've cried.
We thought if we we wrote to you,that you would come to know, that though we live in Heaven now,
We still love our Mother's So.
Our Moms still talk with us,and dream with us too;
We still share laughter too,
Memories are our way of speaking now,
Would you see what you can do?
Our Mothers still carry us in their hearts,
their tears they hide from sight.
They write poems to honor us,
sometimes far into the night.
They plant flowers in their gardens,
there our living memory dwells.
They write to other grieving parents,
trying to ease their pain as well.
So you see Mr. Hallmark,
Though we no longer live on earth,
We must find a way to let them know
of their wonderous worth.
They need to be honored and remembered too,
just as children on earth will do.
Thank You Mr. Hallmark, We know you'll do your best.
We have done all we can do;To you we'll leave the rest.
Please find a way to tell her
Until we can do it for ourselves, When they join us in eternity
Mothers Day Love Sent From Above
copyright;Jody Seilhelmer
We are a family circle - broken by death
Mended by Love.
May this day, and everyday,
be days for us to laugh and sing,
to dance and dream .
May this day ,and everyday,
be days of celebration,
And the chance to one more hug,
To say one more
May LOVE Be What You Remember Most !
In Memory Of Our Children On Mothers Day.
copyright; Darcie Sims.
"Circle Of Friends"
Together, we shall join hearts and hands across the earth and decorate the world with hope and healing and remembered laughter.
We shall remain forever linked through the love of our absent children,parents,husbands,wives,siblings,
grandparents,friends and all of our loved ones who dance across the rainbows ahead of us.
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Mothers Day