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Beautiful Background Sets
Where and With Who
My 2 son are...
Beautiful Backgroundsets
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Please Take A Moment To
Kurt 2008
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<"The Miracle Of Boys" A Poem To My Sons
The Song You Are Listening To Is
"Mama" by Boyz To Men...
The First Time I Heard
This Song I Was Driving Along With Kurt And This Song Came On The Car Radio,
Kurt Asked Me To Pull Over And He Turned Up The Music And Sang It Along With The Radio...
Well It Sure Was A Good Thing He Said To "Pull Over" Because I Couldn't See Through
All The Tears.
It Of Course Has Become One
Of My All Time Favorites.
It was put here because it is very special in my heart.
Please by the CD
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Thank You So Much Jackie-
I Love These
Kurt's 10th Angelversary
In Heaven Page
Thank You Judy Reed ^Heidi's^ Mom For This
And The Above Picture Of My Son ^Kurt^